Shimano - PEDAL PD-M995 BLUE

Article number: 341100027A
Quantity: 1

Shimano's PD-M995 25th Anniversary Pedal marks 25 years of pedal development, and celebrates it with a stunning blue visage. This legacy of Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) has led to the most prolific pedal design in the industry. Thanks to Shimano’s expertise in bearings, forging and pedaling dynamics, the reliability of SPD has always been the benchmark.

Essentially the PD-M9020 sporting a blue coat, the M995 brings World Cup-level design and materials to a pedal designed for highly technical, high-speed riding. Reduced weight and increased mud clearance meet the increased rigidity bestowed by wider bearing placement. A light weight but tough alloy cage, provides extra stability and control without creating clearance issues.

For riders who tackle demanding trails at race-speed and appreciate the importance of history, the PD-M995 25th Anniversary Pedal gives you everything you need in a pedal without holding you back.

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