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Article number: BAS RB CENTO WSL

Presenting a modern and functional solution, behold the contemporary bike basket that effortlessly attaches to any bicycle’s luggage rack. Male and female cyclists alike will appreciate the Basil Cento WSL for its captivating design and transformative impact on your cycling experience. Crafted from durable fine-mesh steel, this basket guarantees longevity and maintains its sturdiness through extensive use. Whether you’re on your way to work or embarking on a shopping spree, the ample space accommodates shopping bags or backpacks, complementing your daily journeys. Notably, its remarkable 5 kg maximum load capacity ensures you won’t have to compromise on transporting your essentials.

For a dependable and secure installation, the Basil Cento WSL is designed for permanent mounting onto your luggage carrier using the patented WSL System. This innovative feature guarantees a steadfast connection, providing peace of mind during your rides. The basket’s versatility shines through its adjustable length and width, offering the flexibility to reshape it at a moment’s notice. This adaptability proves invaluable for bicycles equipped with raised back or front luggage carriers. Moreover, the basket is well-suited for compatibility with most E-bike luggage carriers, enhancing its usability.

Still in need of assurance? Reflect on the array of benefits once more, envisioning the seamless transformation of your daily commute. If you’re seeking more variety in terms of colors or features, explore the diverse range of products available online at Basil.

Elevate your biking experience with the Basil Cento WSL – a contemporary and efficient bicycle basket thoughtfully designed for effortless attachment to any bike’s rear.

– Basil Cento WSL basket provides ample storage Space for larger items.
– Permanent attachment with patented WSL system.
– Suitable for luggage carriers with raised front or back.
– Suitable for Use with most E-bike models.
– Adjustable width and length.
– Weight 1.59KG Width 31cm Length 45cm Depth 22cm

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