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Crafted from a high-quality mesh metal, this robust basket offers enduring strength. Presented in a matte black finish, it perfectly complements bicycles of all dimensions. Whether you require a reliable companion for hauling items during your daily ride or a spacious carrier for your full grocery list after shopping, this basket stands as an excellent choice. Installing the basket onto your bike frame is remarkably swift, taking merely seconds, thanks to the pre-assembled MIK adapter plate. This innovation allows you to affix the basket securely to any frame equipped with an integrated MIK system.

Even if your bike lacks such a system, employing a MIK carrier plate allows you to establish an anchor point for this essential basket. When it’s time to remove the basket, the process is equally uncomplicated. A conveniently placed handle facilitates easy detachment from your bike frame, allowing you to carry it indoors or continue on foot. In search of other indispensable bike accessories? Explore the complete Basil collection online today.

Introducing the Basil Cento MIK bicycle basket, a chic solution designed to enhance everyday cycling experiences. Thanks to the pre-assembled MIK adapter, attaching the basket to your bike’s luggage carrier is a swift task, courtesy of the MIK system’s efficiency.

– This basket is Ideal for transporting school bags, laptop cases, groceries and more.
– The Basil Cento MIK basket is Weatherproof and has a reinforced frame.
– Available in trendy matt black.
– Easily attached thanks to The MIK system, Includes a pre-assembled MIK Adapter Plate.
– Lock and key provides protection against thieves.
– Weight 1KG Width 33cm Length 46cm Depth 26cm

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