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Article number: MSH-TTA
Quantity: 2

The TTA out front mount, is a multi-functional light weight mount that can be used with a variety of different products. Including Magicshine Bike Lights and other makes and models of mobile devices including Cateye speedometers and some Garmin products. Also features Go Pro mt. The mount is made from reinforced aviation grade aluminium, it is extremely lightweight and can be used as an alternative to the tried and tested 'o' ring system for securing lights to your bars. The mount is compatible with the Monteer, Magicshine Eagle Lights and also the MJ-900 series of bike lights i.e. the MJ-900, MJ-902, MJ-906 and MJ-908 and the upgraded 'B' versions of these lights. TTA will work with two different products at the same time, so you could use a Garmin flat based product on top and then a Magicshine light below on the angled mount. The mount is compatible with the base conversion of Go Pro products, most Garmin products and some Cateye products too. The mount fits handlebars from 31.8mm up to 35mm

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