Tioga Tyre Liner 2200mm x 25mm (700) - Port City Cycles

Tyre Liner 2200mm x 25mm (700)

Article number: ATLN
Quantity: 1

Shield prevents puncture flats. When placed between tyre and tube, it provides a protective “Shield” to prevent puntures to the tube.

Shield tyre liners protects against punctures from thorns, glass, and road debris.
Made from Urethane which makes it very elastic. When a thorn or piece of glass attempts to penetrate the Shield liner it comes up against a surface that is both hard and elastic. The object pushes against the surface which gives way while resisting initial penetration.

Tyre liners lengths can be cut to fit various lengths from 16" to 29". When cutting make sure you match the original curved end factory finish. 

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